Excerpts from Visual FX and Post-Production work produced for the 2010 short film by Mert Erverdi
Opening Title Design
Memories From The Future is a short film by Huseyin Mert Erverdi. I created and composited the visual F/X and did the colour grading of the finished film. Also co-edited the film with Mert at later stages of production.

Initial development began in 2007 and the primary production took place in Ankara with most of the shots taken on-location in a decommissioned gasworks. I came aboard the project later in Istanbul beginning the initial visual effects work after the missing green screen shots were completed in a studio. VFX work halted due to my move to London and was finalized here in a while along with the post-production. Meanwhile Michael Fakesch courteously took on the sound design in Rosenheim. The film was finalized in late summer 2010 and can be watched in full on Mert's personal website.

2007-2010; Ankara, Istanbul, London and Rosenheim
VFX Breakdown
The Lab Scene, Shot 1
Colour Grading

Other work

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